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Acolytes are not only servers, torchbearers, and lighters of candles but also crucifers, thurifers, and banner-bearers. Acolytes assist bishops, priests, and deacon in the worship service in the Holy Eucharist. Persons of 8 years old and up to assist the presider of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist (or the Mass) each Sunday and other days. We are actively seeking acolytes of all ages.


Activities Committee

Planning and running social events to build community relationships and parish fellowships. We are actively seeking people who work well in a team setting for the activities committee.


Altar Guild

An Altar Guild is someone who prepares the Altar and church for worship services. We are actively seeking new members for the Altar Guild.


Caring for Friends

This ministry group makes meals for delivery to people who are homebound. This group also assists with our food pantry, volunteering to  pick up food, set up tables for fresh food giveaways, and breaking down.


Children Ministries (Family Fun Friday)

Family Fun Friday is a service for children’s formation and worship in Christian faith. We are actively seeking Adult members to assist at Family Fun Friday. This ministry requires a current background check and Safe Church Training.

Communications & Marketing Committee

This ministries job is to share the Good News of God in Christ with each other and our neighbors. We are looking for people to take pictures at services and events and send them to the Parish Administrator to be posted on our websites and Facebook pages. You’ll be asked to spread the word on social media when we have events or are in need of volunteers.


Eucharist Ministers

Eucharist Ministers are lay person that are 16-year-old or older who is licensed by the bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the Eucharist. Eucharistic ministers may be licensed to administer the consecrated bread and wine at any celebration of the Eucharist. If you are interested in this ministry, and have been baptized and confirmed/received in the Episcopal Church, contact rector@BetterTogetherInPhilly.church for the scheduling of our next training. If you have not been confirmed/received, talk to the Rector about confirmation classes. Each member is required to be relicensed every 2 years. Everyone must attend trainings.


Food Pantry


Regular food pantry hours are currently in flux. Pop up food pantries occur on Thursdays when we receive fresh food donations. We are currently seeking volunteers for Saturday mornings/early afternoons so that we can open the Food Pantry at Grace regularly on Saturdays. All volunteers are welcome and we are always accepting donations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requesting non-perishables.


Girls’ Friendly Society

Dates TBA

Empowering girls and young women aged 5 to 25 and encouraging them to develop their full potential through programs that provide training, confidence guiding, and other educational opportunities. This is a worldwide Anglican Communion program. Will are looking for adult leaders (background check and safe church training). At all times, they are looking for young girls or adult women of all ages to be part of the GFS.


Greeter and Usher


A Greeter and Usher are the first person a new member sees at the door. They create an atmosphere where all people can feel welcomed, named, and included without being overwhelmed. We are seeking friendly new members to greet or usher at worship services (when public services start up again).


Hospitality (coffee hour)


Coffee hour happens after each Sunday service in the lower hall. This is a time for us to show Christian hospitality to a person attending worship and other fellowship activities by providing coffee, refreshments, and a listening ear. We are looking for hospitality hosts that will take a Sunday and do coffee hour. Duties: Setting up, hosting, and clean-up. There will always be other people to assist you.

Music Ministry

Dates TBA

Music Ministry adds beautiful melodies to our services so as to enhance our worship to God. All persons are welcome to join the choir, no musical training required. Just show up to the practice or reach out to our music director, Yomi!

Youth Committee (Eucharist Eats and Entertainment for Teens)

Dates TBA

Eucharist, Eats, and Entertainment is a service for teens, every third Wednesday of the month. This is a time for them to discuss their faith and what it means to them. We are actively seeking adult members to assist at Eucharist, Eats, and Entertainment. This ministry requires a current background check and Safe Church Training.

Worship Committee

Dates TBA

Worshiping the Lord in holiness and beauty with prayerful intention to the love that God has for all of creation. The Worship Committee is a group of people who help assist with worship at Sunday Services. We are looking for trained Lectors, Eucharist Ministers, and Lay Assistants.


 if you are interested in joining any of our ministries. Email us at Admin@BetterTogetherInPhilly.Church or call us at (215) 624-1144. 

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